Promotion: THE ONBEAT WIN ACTIVITY (“Promotion”) consists of five drawing for fiveJBL OnBeat product (“Prize”). The Promotion starts June 13, 2011 and ends 11:59:59PM Central European Time, July 5, 2011. No late entries will be accepted. By enteringthe Promotion, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Eligibility: The Promotion is open to all residents of United Kingdom who are sixteenyears of age or older. All employees of HARMAN and its affiliates and the familymembers of such employees are excluded from the promotion. Void where prohibited.

Entry: You will need access to the internet to participate in this contest. Go onlineand visit (“Website”), to register for the competitionand answer the two questions. Contestants having registered on the website will beentered to win one Prize. Entry is via internet only. No purchase necessary to enterthe competition. Your personal information will be collected, maintained and used inaccordance with HARMAN’s Privacy Policy as found on HARMAN’s Website. Purchase oruse of any jbl products or services will not improve, harm or otherwise have any impacton your chance of winning. One entry per household. All entries become the soleproperty of HARMAN and will not be acknowledged or returned.

Prizes: HARMAN will give away five Prizes. HARMAN values each Prize at €179(£149.99). HARMAN reserves the right to provide a substitute product if HARMANdeems such substitution reasonably necessary. Winners are solely responsible for anyand all local and national taxes and any importation and customs charges applicableto any and all Prizes. By accepting a Prize, you agree to the terms and conditionsof HARMAN applicable product warranty. Prizes are non-exchangeable and a cashalternative is unavailable.

Correct Answers and Valid Entry: HARMAN, through one of its employees will evaluateanswers and determine whether such answers are correct answers in HARMAN’sreasonable discretion. HARMAN’s decisions as to the correctness of any answers arefinal and binding and no correspondence will be entered into. HARMAN’s evaluation ofcorrectness will be made prior to qualifying the entry for the random drawing.

Random Drawing: On July 5 2011, HARMAN will randomly select five names in arandom drawing from among all eligible entries received and, on July 8 2011, notifyeach winner by email. HARMAN may simultaneously select alternate winners. Winnerswill have thirty days to respond and claim their Prize. If HARMAN is unable to contact awinner, HARMAN may withdraw such Prize entitled and award the Prize to a substituteas selected by HARMAN. Your odds of winning a Prize depend upon the number ofeligible entries received. HARMAN will not be responsible or liable for any winnernotifications that are lost or misdirected or that are otherwise un-received or yourfailure to timely claim your prize.

Publicity: Winners will be publicized on the Website. By providing HARMAN with yourentry into this Promotion, you give HARMAN the right to publicize you as a winner.HARMAN will have the right to use your name and address in any publicity withoutfurther permission and without making payment to you.
Disqualification: You may be disqualified if you fail to comply with these terms andconditions or if HARMAN reasonably believes that you have attempted to interfere withthe operation of the Website in any way. Attempts to interfere with the Website orthis Promotion may be unlawful and could be criminal offences. You may be liable toHARMAN and their connected parties for any attempt to do so.

Administration of Promotion: HARMAN reserves the right to change the rules at anytime. Where possible, HARMAN will inform contestants of any changes to the rules inadvance and will post the updated rules on the Website. HARMAN also reserves theright to discontinue the Promotion at any time for any reason without notice. In theevent this happens, HARMAN will randomly select one winner to receive one Prize.Complaints about the Promotion may be made by writing to complaint will be considered if made more than seven days after HARMAN’spublication of the winners.

Technical Malfunctions: Access to the Website is provided to the general publicusing the internet. As such, access to the websites is dependant on a potentially largenumber of computer systems and networks operated by third parties. Failures, errorsor congestion in any third party computer system or network could delay or preventor otherwise interfere with your entry into the Promotion. HARMAN, the operator ofthe website and their connected parties will use commercially reasonable efforts toensure the continued operation of their own computer systems and networks. They arenot responsible or liable to you in relation to any difficulties you may suffer in relationto third parties’ computer systems. By registering on the Website, you acknowledgethat you will have no claim against HARMAN for any failure of any third party computersystem or network or any other delay or failure which may delay or prevent your entry.

Trademarks: “HARMAN”, “JBL” and HARMAN’s logos are trademarks of HARMAN. Allrights reserved. Entrants of the Promotion and winners are not granted any rights touse any of the trademarks or logos by virtue of entering the Promotion. You may notcopy, display or publish any of these trademarks or logos in any way without the expresswritten permission of HARMAN.

Governing Law: The rules of the Promotion and any issues or disputes relating to themor the operation of the Promotion shall be governed by the laws of England. This doesnot affect any rights you may have under your national laws.

Events Beyond Control of HARMAN: HARMAN is not responsible for any events beyond
its reasonable control. HARMAN may terminate the Promotion without a winner beingnamed or may withdraw prizes at any time if any event beyond HARMAN’s reasonablecontrol prevents HARMAN from continuing the Promotion or offering any of the Prizes.

Promotion Host: This contest is hosted by Harman Consumer, Inc., 400 Atlantic Street,15th Floor, Stamford CT 06901 U.S.A.